Brand Marketing – The Ultimate Strategy For Maximize Your Competitiveness

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Brand Marketing – The Ultimate Strategy For Maximize Your CompetitivenessBranding is perhaps the most critical determinant of success. A well executed brand can make you instantly recognizable, outstanding and unique. A brand can ultimately make you better positioned to achieve your goals. This rings true whether you are a business, a charity or even an individual.

However, branding is most critical for a business. The sheer competitiveness of the business world means that in order to succeed, you need a strong brand. This is why creating a brand is one of the key strategies for maximizing a business’ potential.

A strong brand distinguishes a business’ products or services, creates a loyal customer base, attracts new customers and enables a business to surpass its competitors. To put it plainly, a brand is perhaps the single factor which can most significantly affect a business’ bottom line. This is why every business must strive to create as strong a brand as possible.

However, creating a brand is just one half of the equation. To truly enjoy the benefits of branding, a business needs to actively promote its brand. It has to ensure that its current customers, potential customers and even competitors get to know about its brand. The best way to ensure this is through brand marketing.

What Is Brand Marketing?

In a nutshell, brand marketing is the process of actively promoting a business’ brand. It basically involves a series of activities which are aimed at enabling a specific target group to know about a business’ brand. The target group can be current customers, prospective customers, former customers or the general public. The brand in question can be a business or company brand (e.g. the Apple brand). It can also a brand associated with a specific product (e.g. the iPad or iPhone).

Marketing a brand typically takes three steps. The first step is creating a brand. This includes aspects like a logo, an identity, a unique selling advantage, and a distinction from similar products/services. The second step is identifying the target group for the marketing activities. The third step is executing marketing activities.

Benefits Of Brand Marketing

When carried out excellently, marketing a brand can have numerous benefits. Its core benefits are the following:

Increased Sales

– Marketing a brand is one of the most effective ways for increasing sales. The reason for this is simple: most people purchase brands, rather than products or services. When actively promoted, more people can both hear about the brand, and be persuaded to purchase. As such, the marketing efforts almost always lead to increased sales.

Improved Market Position

– Branding is one of the greatest determinants of market position and market share. The largest share of any market is usually occupied by the most popular brand. As such, for any brand to improve its position, it has to be actively marketed. Marketing a brand can improve market position by attracting newer customers, as well as “stealing” customers from existing brands.

Repeat Customers

– Marketing a brand is the most effective way of guaranteeing repeat business. This is why a brand needs to be marketed even to existing customers. For people to continue using a product or service, they need to continue believing in the brand. Actively marketing the brand to them sustains this belief, thereby turning one-time customers into repeat customers.

Enhanced Reputation

– Marketing a brand is one of the most effective ways of enhancing its reputation. This is because it enables people to view the brand in a positive light. This becomes especially helpful during times when a brand’s reputation has been damaged by some bad PR. It can play a critical role in restoring a brand’s reputation.

How The Web Helps In Brand Marketing

The web is one of the most critical avenues for marketing a brand. There are two important reasons for this. First of all, most people now use the web to follow their favorite brands. Secondly, most prospective customers now carry out web-based research on brands before purchasing their products or services.

Therefore, for anyone looking to market their brands, the web is an invaluable tool. The web can enable you to carry out marketing for your brand in the following ways:

Your Website

A website is one of the best platforms for marketing a brand. This is because a website enables you to display visual cues like a logo, fonts, colors and graphics. A website also enables you to offer people a glimpse of your unique approach to business. You can also carry out promotional activities on your website. To summarize, your website can provide a powerful and effective platform for marketing your brand.

Social Media

Social media is also invaluable for marketing a brand. Research estimates state that almost 60% of social media users follow their favorite brands. According to official Twitter statistics, 55% of those who follow brands want promotions, special offers and discounts ( Other social media websites have similar statistics. A 2013 study found that 53% of people who follow brands exhibited greater brand loyalty (

Such figures show that social media is ideal for marketing brands. It can be effective for not only promoting the brands, but also interacting with customers, and getting critical feedback on the brand’s overall performance.

Reputation Management

Having a positive reputation is a core component of marketing a brand. As such, enhancing reputation is essential for marketing your brand. This is where the web comes in handy. Through online reputation management, you can monitor, control and enhance your brand’s overall reputation. This means that whoever searches for your brand online comes across positive messages associated with it.

Promotion & Advertising

The web is one of the most effective advertising platforms. This is because it provides numerous ways for carrying out targeted advertising and promotion. From Google’s Ads to email promotions, the opportunities are endless. Given that advertising is a component of marketing, the web is perfect for marketing brands.


The best aspect about the web is that it can enable you to refine your marketing efforts. This is available through the sophisticated analytics. Using analytics, you can be able to know how people are interacting with your brand. You can also experiment with different messages, colors, fonts and so on. This enables you to easily refine your marketing activities, and therefore make them even more effective.

Is Your Brand Marketing Effective?

To fully enjoy the benefits of marketing your brand, you have to do it right. To find out whether your marketing efforts are effective, you need to answer the following questions with an unflinching YES.

1. Do you have a clear-cut brand?

2. Does your website reflect your brand?

3. Do your social media activities promote your brand?

4. Do you carry out online reputation management of your brand?

5. Do you actively advertise and promote your brand?

6. Do you use web analytics to understand the strengths and performance of your brand?

If you are unable to answer each of the above questions with a resounding YES, then you need to ramp up your brand’s marketing efforts. The easiest way to do this is to hire branding experts to design for you a winning marketing strategy.

Such experts can design, execute, monitor and evaluate your marketing strategy. They can enable you to enjoy the benefits of brand marketing without you lifting a finger. To hire a brand expert to help build out and market your brand, call 303-200-1000 to speak to one of our brand marketing consultants. You can also email our team at [email protected] or take the next step right now and fill out the form on this page for a FREE website analysis!

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