Business Logo Design – A Critical Step Towards Building Your Brand

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Business Logo Design – A Critical Step Towards Building Your BrandA business logo is one of the cornerstones of successful branding. A great logo can make your company unique, instantly recognizable and distinct. As such, it makes captivating consumers, standing out from among competitors and marketing your products or services much easier. Popular brands like Apple, Coca Cola and LG are strong in part because they have great logos.

Therefore, if you intend to create a strong brand for your business, your first step should be to create a great logo. The ultimate question is: “what is a great logo?”

What Makes A Great Logo

Well, a great logo is one which can enable you to perfectly brand your business, products or services. Such a logo must meet certain characteristics.

Simplicity – a great logo must be simple, distinct and memorable. It should stand out from other logos, and yet be simple enough for people to remember it. Examples of logos which have simplicity are Apple, Nike and Google.

Versatility – a great logo must be versatile. This means that you should be able to display it in various formats (e.g. web, flyers, billboards, business cards, letter heads) without it losing its attractiveness.

Scalability – a great logo must be scalable. You should be able to increase its size, or diminish its size, without it losing its identity.

Originality – a great logo must be unique, authentic and original. It must not bear any close resemblance to another logo. And it shouldn’t violate any copyrights or trademarks.

To create a logo with the above characteristics, you need a systematic process to move from concept to production. This process is called business logo design.

The Business Logo Design Process

Designing a business logo is a multi-step process. To create a logo, you have to go through the following steps:

Design Briefing

The first step of logo design is outlining the goals of the logo. In design lingo, this is usually referred to as having the design brief. The goals basically entail the message you want the logo to communicate.

The brief can also set specific parameters for the logo. Such parameters include colors, font-types, images, symbols, shapes, taglines, etc to be used when creating the logo.


The second step is conceptualization. This basically involves a combination of research and brainstorming. The research process includes an analysis of the logos of successful brands within the niche. The goal is to discover if these logos have anything in common. The research can also involve any market trends which are relevant to branding.

After research, the next step is brainstorming. This is where you can begin generating ideas as to what to include in the logo. For instance, during brainstorming, you could consider different options:

Use full business name in the logo (e.g. Coca Cola, Google)

Use business initials in the logo (e.g. Wolkswagen)

Use the business symbol in the logo (e.g. Apple)

Use a combination of symbol and name (e.g. Microsoft, Yahoo, Nike)

Include a tag-line or slogan in the logo (e.g. LG)

Basically, brainstorming is about generating ideas. The ideas form a concept around which the logo can be designed.


Once you have conceptualized the logo, the next step is to create a sketch or prototype. In most cases this is done with a pencil and on paper. This step usually involves creating multiple variants of the logo concept.

This step also involves getting feedback from others. In most cases, many sketches are created, and a few of them are then selected to be implemented.

Creation & Design

Once you have the sketches, the next step is to create the actual logo. This is mostly done through a software program such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Fireworks. In this step, your logo actually begins to take shape. By the end of the logo creation process, you should have a logo which roughly approximates your vision.

Feedback & Refinement

After creating the logo, it is time for more feedback and refinement. This step involves a series of exchanges between the logo designer, and other people. Each exchange is usually followed by a slight readjustment in the logo design. By the end of this step, then the logo is ready to be published.


Once the logo is ready, it is published according to the different requirements. For instance, it can be saved in different file formats e.g. JPG, PNG, EPS, GIF and TPS. It can also be saved in different resolutions (i.e. for the web and printing). It can also be saved in black and white or other monochromatic formats.

In a nutshell, those are the major steps involved in business logo design. If you go through these steps, you will end up with a logo which you can immediately begin to use on your website, letterheads, business cards, flyers and other promotional materials.

Logo Design Options

When it comes to business logo design, there are two basic options. You can either choose to design the logo yourself. Or you can hire someone to design it for you. Each of these has its own advantages and downsides.

The main advantage of creating your own design is cost savings. It can be done very cheaply. Its other advantage is that you can create multiple logos, and experiment with different ones. This increases the likelihood of coming up with the perfect logo design.

Its only disadvantage is that you need to know graphics design principles. You also need to know how to use a program like Adobe Illustrator or Fireworks. If you don’t have such knowledge and skills, then creating a logo becomes a chore. The learning curve involved in creating a logo is quite steep.

The main advantage of hiring someone else is expertise. If you can find a professional logo designer, they can make for you a great logo in no time. The only downside of hiring an expert is the costs involved. Even then, the fee paid for creating a logo usually repays itself in the long run.

Where To Find Logo Design Services

In case you want to hire someone to design your business logo, there are a number of options available online.

First of all, you can find a company which offers logo design services. There are numerous such companies available. Examples include Logo Designs Studio, Logo Design Team, 7Cloudtech or even Logo Pearl. You can use a search engine to locate a logo design company near you. Just make sure its a design company with a good reputation.

The upside of hiring a logo design company is expertise, experience and turnaround time. Most such companies have a number of expert graphics designers who can work on your logo. As such their turnaround time is quite fast. The downside is that this is the costlier option.

Secondly, you can hire a freelance logo designer. Freelance platforms like 99Designs, Fiverr, and DesignCrowd have plenty of graphic designers to assist you. You can simply post your project there, then screen designers and select the one you want.

The upside of hiring a freelancer is that it is typically less costly than contracting a graphics design company. On some platforms, lots of people submit their designs, and you select the one you want. The downside is that the turnaround time is much slower than hiring a graphics design company.

The Bottom Line

Business logo design can be a long and complex process. And yet, getting a great logo is an important step in branding your business. It is a step you need to get absolutely right. The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. You can hire either a logo design company or a freelancer to design your logo for you. Either way, you will get a great logo without breaking a sweat.

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