Hiring a Local SEO Expert – Invaluable for Any Denver Business

Local SEO is invaluable for business success. If your business serves location-based clientele in the Denver area or throughout Colorado, ranking highly in local based searches is critical. It can drive traffic to your website and hence generate leads, increase conversions, boost sales, and ultimately make you more competitive.

The only challenge is that these benefits don’t come by default. It requires the precise execution of local SEO techniques within the unique context of your business. The quickest way to achieve this is by hiring the services of a local SEO expert who possesses these skills to help drive the right traffic to your site.

What Does a Local SEO Expert Do?

In simple words, this is an individual who has mastered both the art and science of local SEO. It is someone who has spent time perfecting their local SEO knowledge and skills. As such, they have the capacity to design, execute, monitor and evaluate SEO campaigns in order to achieve specific results.

Beyond technical skills, there are two other qualities which every local SEO expert must have. The first is experience in improving website rankings in local-based searches. The second is a track record of success. This second quality is invaluable because SEO is a results-based business. Anyone who claims expertise should have a track record to show for it and when hiring a Denver SEO, you need to be careful you hire the right person for the job.

Experts vs “Experts”

Unfortunately, the SEO industry is full of charlatans. These are individuals who claim expertise which they don’t have. These so-called “experts” often dupe website owners into forking their hard-earned dollars in exchange for bogus services.

Basically, business owners need to be wary of these so-called “experts”. Not everyone who touts themselves as a Local SEO expert is actually one. The ultimate question is: how can you tell whether an individual claiming to be an expert is actually one?

4 Tests of Local SEO Expertise

Identifying true SEO experts from charlatans isn’t at all difficult. If anyone presents themselves as an expert, simply ask them the following questions:

1. May I see your list of current and/or past clients?

A real expert should have a track record of success. The best way to determine this is through their client list. True experts aren’t afraid to share their client list. Most of them proudly show them off. This is because they are confident of their results. An expert will also provide you with their client’s contacts so that you receive feedback from them.

Anyone who is hesitant to present you with their client list is most likely a pretender. Or they could be a newbie. The problem with newbies is that you cannot determine whether or not their approaches actually work. Basically, hiring a so-called local SEO expert who doesn’t have a verifiable track record is taking a gamble.

2. How will you improve my local search engine rankings?

A true expert should be able to explain their methodology in a simple, clear and concise manner. If someone cannot explain how they will improve your rankings on local-based searches, then they probably don’t know their stuff.

3. Can you guarantee number one ranking across Google, Yahoo and Bing?

The keyword here is “guarantee”. This is actually a trick question. If a person assures you that they can achieve number one ranking across Google, Yahoo and Bing, they’re most likely lying. No one can tell with certainty that your website will become number-one across all search engines. As such, no true local SEO expert will guarantee that.

Most experts will give you realistic targets like getting you on the first page of one or two search engines. And they will describe in detail the amount of work that it will take to achieve this. What genuine local SEO experts never do is dangle false hopes before their clients.

4. How will you measure success?

SEO is a results-based business. As such, a true SEO expert should be able to lead to positive outcomes for your website and business. The question is: how do you measure those positive outcomes? This is where success indicators come in.

A local SEO expert should be able to spell out clear indicators of success. How will success be measured? Will it be measured in terms of local SERP rankings, inbound traffic from search engines, or by what other means?

The internet is awash with tools for performing all sorts of SEO-based analytics. As such, measuring the different parameters shouldn’t be difficult. The most important thing is identifying what to measure. A true expert should have no problem with identifying that.

Need to Hire a Local SEO Expert?

The bottom line is that to truly enjoy the benefits of local SEO, you need to hire the services of an expert in the business. If you are looking to hire one, then you’re in luck. We have a team of local SEO experts who have honed their skills over the years. Our experts can design a local SEO strategy which can help you to achieve your goals. To get in touch with a local SEO expert right now, just call 303-200-1000 today to get started.

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