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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly complex undertaking. The complexity arises from a multiplicity of things it takes to successfully execute SEO. Broadly speaking, achieving high web rankings can depend on the web design, quality of content, social media integration, other websites (through backlinks), user experience and many other factors.

To add to the complexity, search engines are constantly tweaking their search algorithms. Google is a good example of this. Every change to the algorithm often causes lots of consternation among website owners. This is because techniques which were regarded as cutting-edge quickly become obsolete.

The combination of complexity and dynamism makes SEO a highly specialized undertaking. To successfully navigate the SEO muddle, one needs to be highly trained, vastly experienced and committed to continuous learning. Such a person is called an SEO specialist.

Why a SEO Specialist is Invaluable

The reason any business website owner should care about this is because there comes a time when you need the services of an Denver SEO specialist. This is especially true if you need to deal with the technical aspects of SEO. No one understands the technical aspects of SEO better than a specialist. This means that they are best positioned to enable a website to achieve the highest SEO rankings possible.

For most SEO specialists, this means getting the website on the first page of search results around a specific keyword. They do this through a number of activities and services. Here at SEO Zones, our Denver SEO specialists perform the following:

1. Website Optimization Testing

Ever wondered how well optimized your website is? An SEO specialist is trained to help you answer that question. They can run tests using the various criteria that search engines use for indexing websites. They then analyze the results and produce a report indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the website. The can also create action plans to remedy any SEO deficiencies identified on the website.

2. SEO Campaign Design and Testing

SEO specialists are also adept at designing SEO campaigns. This is because they have an in-depth understanding of both the art and science behind SEO. Basically, a specialist can design for you a campaign which can have maximum impact.

Besides design, SEO specialists are also often called upon to test SEO campaign strategies and activities. They can conduct micro tests which are focused on specific aspects for instance how different web layouts can affect user experience (UX). At a higher level, they can also test broader strategies e.g. whether content marketing or social media optimization is more effective for driving traffic from a particular category of users.

The tests are especially invaluable for identifying the most effective approaches for achieving results. The end result is that a Denver SEO specialist can refine campaigns and make them more targeted, impactful, and cost-effective.

3. SEO Strategy Harmonization

What is the connection between the layout of your landing pages and the content you share on your social media feed? Not much, you may say. But to an SEO specialist, the connection is a lot – especially, if your web content and social media engagement are part of the same SEO strategy. To a specialist, all aspects of a strategy need to harmonize.

Harmonizing the different activities under a single strategy is what specialists do. Ultimately, they expect every aspect of the strategy to complement each other. Using the above example, the content on the social media feed should have a link back to the website. The layout of the landing page should entice the visitor to take the next action in the sales process.

Harmonizing the SEO strategy ultimately achieves better results. This is because not only does every activity contribute towards the broader goal, they also complement and therefore reinforce each other. The end result is a coherent and more effective SEO strategy.

4. Emerging Technique Testing

New techniques, approaches, and technologies are always emerging in the world of SEO. Some of these are forced by changes in search engine algorithms (e.g. Mobilegeddon forced the rapid adoption of responsive web design).

Others emerge from innovations and changing trends in consumer demands. For example, in the second half of 2015, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was introduced to speed up mobile websites. Similarly, in late 2016, User Experience Optimization (UXO) emerged as a new approach to improving UX. All these were touted to ultimately have significant effects on SEO.

In such scenarios, it is the job of the SEO specialist to investigate these emerging technologies, test them for their effectiveness and – where necessary – adopt them into the overall SEO strategy. In other words, the SEO specialist is the person who ensures that the website is up-to-date on the latest optimization techniques.

Does Your Business Need A SEO Specialist?

Ultimately, an SEO specialist is invaluable in situations when you need help with the technical aspects of SEO. Therefore, if you feel like you require the services of a Denver SEO specialist, simply contact us. We have a number of specialists who can help you to maximize the impact of your SEO campaign. To contact one of our SEO specialists on staff right now, just call 303-200-1000 and let us know how we can help.

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