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The web is a dynamic and ever-changing place. Strategies which are effective today can become obsolete in a matter of weeks. New strategies are emerging every day. Keeping up with the pace of change can be daunting – even for a seasoned expert. For the non-geek website owner, it is virtually impossible to keep up.

And yet staying up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies and techniques are essential for survival, especially for businesses. This is because every wave of change brings new opportunities and new challenges.

For small businesses, the dynamism of the web often presents challenges. This is because they cannot afford to hire individuals whose major job is to ensure that the business remains on the cutting-edge of these changes. As such, they not only fail to exploit the emerging opportunities, they are often blindsided by the challenges caused by these changes.

A good illustration of this is with Google algorithm updates. Many small businesses have lost their rankings as a result of failing to adapt their SEO techniques to the latest algorithm changes, whether major or minor. As a result, all the efforts they had spent in attaining a decent Google ranking have been eroded in a matter of days.

So, what should a small business website owner do? Well, there are many options. However, the best strategy is to find an expert to consult on all matters web based. This is precisely what our web consulting services are intended to do.

What is Web Consulting?

In a nutshell, web consulting is simply making an inquiry from a web expert on some aspect of online business. The inquiries can range from web development to SEO to e-commerce. The main goal is providing website owners a place from which they can get advice which is credible, timely and applicable to their situation.

Let’s take an example of web analytics. A common question many people ask is "should I use a free tool like Google Analytics or a paid option like Crazy Egg’s Heat Maps." Now, if you Google that question, you can find lots of advice on both sides. In most cases, the advice is contradictory. Even when it is clear, you can’t be sure whether it applies to your situation.

Personalized Advice

If you ask the same question to a web consultant, the response they offer will be personalized to your situation. This is because, before doling out advice, they will source for more information. They will inquire about the intended use of the analytics tool, the level of technical skill available on your staff, the specific insights you want to attain, your budget, and so on.

The consultant will then explain to you the strengths and weaknesses of Google Analytics and Heat Maps in line with your goals. Finally, they will recommend which option you should take. In some cases, they can even recommend a third option which is better suited for your needs.

The bottom line is that using a web consulting service can provide you with access to high-quality advice. This enables you to make better decisions and, as a result, enjoy more benefits from your web-based activities.

Finding The Right Consultant

The benefits of web consulting don’t come by default. It depends on hiring the right consultant. The sad fact is that the Internet is full of frauds, pretenders, and charlatans. There are many people who pretend to be consultants but don’t have a clue about the web. They are just con men trying to get a quick buck.

Hiring the wrong web consulting firm can cost you more than just your money. Because these frauds don’t have a clue about what they’re doing, they can offer advice which can actually be counter-productive.

So, how can you avoid hiring the wrong web consulting agency? Well, make sure that they answer the following questions to your satisfaction.

1. How long have you been providing web consulting services?

2. May I see your list of past and present clients?

3. Do you mind if I contact your past and present clients?

4. What is your area of expertise when it comes to web services?

These questions cover the three critical qualities for a web consultant (1) expertise (2) experience, and (3) a solid track record. Any web consultant who doesn’t have these three attributes isn’t worth spending time on.

We Are Here For You

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