Website Mobile-Friendly Test – Will Your Website Pass or Fail?

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly According to Google? Take our Test!

If your site fails, you could very well be unknowingly sinking your website rankings in the search engines, namely Google! You may not be aware of this but in April of 2015 Google started rolling out a change to the way they rank websites by adding mobile-friendliness to its ranking algorithm.

Mobile-Friendly Website DesignYou heard me right. And unfortunately, many websites have fallen behind with converting their websites over to a more mobile-friendly, responsive web design which of course provides an overall better experience for visitors which should be your goal as a website owner.

So, are you ready to take our mobile friendly test to see if your website passes or fails according to Google? We built our super simple mobile-friendly test tool to help our website visitors see first hand if their websites meet these requirements that Google is now placing on companies who are trying to maximize their SEO potential.

Just enter your website url and quickly check to see how your website scores. You can then easily email yourself the results!

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